Established in June of 2000, Geo Solutions Ltd. is a United States based consulting firm specializing in providing shallow subsurface geophysical surveys for engineering, geologic, state and federal government, and private entities. 


Many environmental programs can benefit from knowledge gained from Geophysical Evaluations.  The simple geologic/geophysical program provide a basis for intrusive environmental investigations by identifying changes is soil and substrate that result from releases.


A strong geologic approach to subsurface investigations leads to cost saving planning.  Many geologic exploration programs center on a geologic model.  The geologic model begins with a conceptual design, verification of the model using geophysics and finally with intrusive verification.


Geophysical investigations are not an end in itself but are rather a supporting and guiding mechanism.  The science of Geophysics simply put has to do with measuring the physical properties of the earth wither it be gravity, electromagnetics, magnetics or perhaps the earth’s response to stimulation.