Geological Services

In some instances clients may have particular challenges that require non-standard methods. Geo Solutions has taken on these challenges using our broad background and resources to create innovative methods for problem solving, thus our motto: “Innovative Solutions to Everyday Problems. Give us a call to discuss you particular challenges we more than likely can provide you with some cost saving options.


List of Applications:

Borehole Geophysical Logging 

  • General Investigation of Subsurface Geology
  • Well Construction
  • Evaluation of Subsurface Bedding for Slope Investigations
  • Investigation of Ground Water Conditions and Groundwater Resources

Electrical Resistivity Profiling- DC and Transient EM Methods – geophysics 

  • Investigation of Groundwater Conditions
  • General Investigation of Subsurface Geology
  • Mapping of Subsurface Contaminants
  • Groundwater Supply Exploration
  • Marine and Lake Resistivity

Gravity and Micro-Gravity Surveys

  • Location of Subsurface Cavities
  • Location of Subsurface Faults and Weathered Zones
  • Sinkhole Investigations

Ground-Penetrating Radar Surveys

  • Location of Shallow Subsurface Geologic Features
  • Location of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
  • Location of Buried Wastes and Excavations
  • Location of Subsurface Pipelines
  • Location of Near-Surface Cavities and Voids
  • Archeological and Forensic Investigations

High-Resolution Seismic Reflection Profiling

  • Location of Subsurface Faults
  • Subsurface Mapping for Groundwater Investigations
  • General Investigation of Deeper Subsurface Geology
  • High-Resolutions Marine Sub-Bottom Profiling

Magnetic and Electromagnetic Multi-Sensor Surveys 

  • Location of USTs
  • Location of Subsurface Pipelines
  • Location of Buried Waste (Landfill Boundaries)
  • Detailed Mapping of Bedrock Geology
  • Graveyard Site Evaluations
  • Archeological and Forensic Investigations

Seismic Refraction and MASW Surveys

  • Location of Subsurface Faults
  • Evaluation of Bedrock Velocity for Rip-ability Evaluation
  • General Investigation of Shallow Subsurface Geology
  • Seismic Velocity Surveys- Cross hole and Downhole Methods
  • Earthquake Vibration Studies (using S-Wave Velocities)
  • Investigation of Soil Strength for Subsurface Grouting
  • Evaluation of Subsurface Faulting Beneath Structures
  • Site Construction IBC Seismic Classification