Geological Services

All Geo Solutions scientist are licensed geologist and qualify as QP professionals. Our principal strengths lie within the mining industry where our understanding of importance of geologic knowledge has led to high cost savings during mining and reclamation activities. We have first-hand professional experience with numerous mining activities including:

  • Sand and Gravel Mining
  • Phosphate Mining
  • Uranium Mining
  • Rock Aggregate Mining
  • Heavy Mineral Mining
  • Coal Mining (Surface and Underground)
  • Borehole Mining Applications

List of Applications:

Borehole Geophysical Logging 

  • General Investigation of Subsurface Geology
  • Well Construction
  • Evaluation of Subsurface Bedding for Slope Investigations
  • Investigation of Ground Water Conditions and Groundwater Resources

Electrical Resistivity Profiling- DC and Transient EM Methods – geophysics 

  • Investigation of Groundwater Conditions
  • General Investigation of Subsurface Geology
  • Mapping of Subsurface Contaminants
  • Groundwater Supply Exploration
  • Marine and Lake Resistivity

Gravity and Micro-Gravity Surveys

  • Location of Subsurface Cavities
  • Location of Subsurface Faults and Weathered Zones
  • Sinkhole Investigations

Ground-Penetrating Radar Surveys

  • Location of Shallow Subsurface Geologic Features
  • Location of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
  • Location of Buried Wastes and Excavations
  • Location of Subsurface Pipelines
  • Location of Near-Surface Cavities and Voids
  • Archeological and Forensic Investigations

High-Resolution Seismic Reflection Profiling

  • Location of Subsurface Faults
  • Subsurface Mapping for Groundwater Investigations
  • General Investigation of Deeper Subsurface Geology
  • High-Resolutions Marine Sub-Bottom Profiling

Magnetic and Electromagnetic Multi-Sensor Surveys 

  • Location of USTs
  • Location of Subsurface Pipelines
  • Location of Buried Waste (Landfill Boundaries)
  • Detailed Mapping of Bedrock Geology
  • Graveyard Site Evaluations
  • Archeological and Forensic Investigations

Seismic Refraction and MASW Surveys

  • Location of Subsurface Faults
  • Evaluation of Bedrock Velocity for Rip-ability Evaluation
  • General Investigation of Shallow Subsurface Geology
  • Seismic Velocity Surveys- Cross hole and Downhole Methods
  • Earthquake Vibration Studies (using S-Wave Velocities)
  • Investigation of Soil Strength for Subsurface Grouting
  • Evaluation of Subsurface Faulting Beneath Structures
  • Site Construction IBC Seismic Classification